Osijek Office

22 October 2021

Osijek Office

Osijek branch was founded in 2015 as a result of collaboration of Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology Osijek and Research and Development Institute RT-RK Novi Sad. Every academic year, we strive to improve some of the curricula in the area of laboratory exercises. Our goal is to bring students as close as possible to practical projects. We also have number of our offices at the University campus.

Working with students and student scholarships have been and remain one of the most important goals when starting a company. We intend to provide scholarships to students interested in training in the areas of the company's work by better preparing them for future employment. In fact, a large number of our employees graduates from FERIT and many of them were our former scholars.

Our scholarship program is intended for students participating in master’s studies at FERIT who did not choose a topic for their master’s thesis before applying to the program.

Where can you meet us? 

Every year we are participating on Career day organized by Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology where students can meet us at our stand or listen to our lecture and learn more about opportinities that we offer. Also, every year we are organizing Open day for students and potential employees where they can attend presentations about latest projects in the automotive industry and meet our engineers.

What do we offer to students who decide engage in scholarship program?

  • Preparation of a diploma thesis with the support of a mentor engineer
  • Possibility to use modern equipment and tools
  • Possibility of professional and academic development
  • Scholarship
  • Possibility to attend internally organized professional courses
  • Modernly equipped environment with rooms for rest and entertainment
  • Organized gatherings and sports activities

For more information about scholarships, contact us at office-cro@tttech-auto.com.