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About us

Autonomous driving is not as new an idea as people often think. With its inception more than 95 years ago, it has seen many visionaries as well as many generations of ideas and technologies, paving the way to where we are today. Wherever in the world these visionaries are based, the technology they build together will soon hit the road. In the quest towards full automation, we at TTTech Auto have set out to tackle the toughest challenge of autonomous driving – safety. Our trusted safety platform already is on board in more than one million vehicles. If you come work with us, so are you.

At TTTech Auto, you can put your brilliance and your resourcefulness to the test by tackling this multi-domain challenge of the automotive industry. In our pioneering teams we encourage each other to excel in our unique and fascinating projects every day, to create high-tech products that are truly driving change. But we also support one another with every shift of gears. You will find it #mindgrowing

About TTTech Auto CEE 

TTTech Auto CEE was established through collaboration of RT-RK and TTTech while working together on automotive projects since 2012. Today we count more than 500 employees located in Novi Sad, Belgrade (Serbia), Osijek (Croatia) and Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina).

TTTech Auto CEE is a regional authority on engineering and development of safety critical software. As part of TTTech Auto we are globally acting on product development and customer support all over the world. 

Our teams are developing software for ADAS (Advance driver-assistance systems) and AD (Autonomous driving). The systems we develop are of high level of autonomy (levels 3, 4, 5) and the software intended for these purposes must be highly reliable, i.e., failure-free. In the critical operations of steering, acceleration, braking, and others, failures are not allowed, as they can directly endanger safety of the passengers.

As this is a real time software requiring timely exchange of information according to predefined priorities, we are also dealing with development of software components which provide fast and reliable communication. An important aspect of our development are specific support mechanisms in the case of failure of parts of the HW system, ensuring that the system remains in operation (continues to drive or safely stops the vehicle).

Cooperation with universities

TTTech Auto CEE cooperates with universities in Novi Sad, Belgrade, Osijek and Banja Luka, offering student programs in the field of autonomous driving, summer schools, scholarships, and internships with top industry topics and latest technologies. This cooperation also provides means of support to our engineers who balance their professional and academic career.



As an internationally growing company, we offer a wide range of career opportunities in all of our business areas and are looking for enthusiastic team players who would like to work with us for our goals and contribute to our success. Every day, we aim to create a motivating work environment to enable innovation and continue our success story.

#mindgrowing reason for working with us:

  • Have a real impact - turn your ideas into reality from day one and integrate your work into the products of world leading companies
  • We are a team – we have open door policy, communication at eye level and hands-on mentality
  • We stay connected as a team - trough team building activities, corporate events, sport activities, fun room
  • Professional training and development program – we provide technical and soft skill trainings, licence for e-learning platforms, professional library, English language courses
  • Comprehensive onboarding program
  • Flexible working conditions - flexible working hours, home office
  • Family policy –includes bonuses and gifts for new-borns, Family day, New Year's kids program, additional vacation days for loyal employees.
  • Healthcare program - private health insurance and annual physical exam
  • Discounts at local shops
  • Diversity - 2,300 people from 60 countries, speaking 100 different languages

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